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Kermarec carries out your custom woodworking projects in its workshops.

By combining modern digital tools with traditional know-how, Kermarec carries out a wide range of high-quality interior woodworking to create bookcases, walk-in closets, kitchen furniture, desks, bathroom furniture, headboards, doors, mezzanines, benches, lattices, etc.

We provide our expertise for residential homes, as well as for service, retail, and hotel industries, most often in collaboration with several architects, interior designers, and decorators.

To carry out your custom woodworking project, a project manager closely collaborating with our Design Office and the manufacturing workshop will guide you.
Our expertise includes :

  • working with a wide range of materials: wood veneer, laminates, solid wood, melamine, lacquers, varnishes, sanding, etc.

  • integrating finishing materials into the woodwork: lighting, fabrics, metal inlays, mirrors, leather, caning, corian, various hardware, etc.

Our carpentry workshop is located in Portugal in the region of Porto.
With a surface area of some 2,500 m2, it is equipped with:

  • Latest generation digital machines (panel saws, a 5-axis CNC machine, panel and edge banding machines, sizing machines, sanding machines, etc.).

  • Painting booths for lacquers and varnishes.

  • Study and manufacturing software, such as SolidWorks, Cabinet Vision, etc.

  • 30% energy autonomy achieved thanks to the installation of solar panels and the rational recycling of our wood waste for heating the premises, as well as our solvents.

Our team of 25 employees works to produce your woodwork with utmost care.


a subtle balance between technique and materials


A made-to-measure bookcase is perfect mood furniture that can be built with a combination of materials and finishes.


Kitchen furniture

Lacquered, laminated, or veneered made-to-measure kitchen furniture, embellished with custom granite, corian, etc.   


Walk-in closets

Made-to-measure walk-in closets integrating all the accessories and lighting equipment suitable for apartments, houses, or hotels.



Made-to-measure mezzanines are cleverly designed areas combining lighting, office equipment, and storage space.



All of our made-to-measure doors can be in the traditional Haussmann style, or of contemporary design.



Our made-to-measure office spaces are designed for residential projects, hotels, or professional service industries.


Bathroom furniture

Made-to-measure washbasin units, especially adapted for your home or installed in series for the hotel industry.



Made-to-measure headboards to add a warmth to a bedroom.



An original and very creative customized decor with lattices brings an even more personalized touch to your project.


In the kitchen, in an entrance, etc. a comfortable custom-made bench is the perfect seating arrangement.

Paneling and Ceilings

Customized decor, on the ceiling or on the walls, further enhance the style of your interior, be it Scandinavian, Japanese, Haussmannian, etc.

… materials and finishes …

Wood veneer

For a high-quality natural wood finish with your favorite wood species: oak, walnut, beech, rosewood, birch, etc.


Laminates and melamines

The many shades and textured effects can be adapted to all of your customized woodwork.  


Solid wood

Starting from raw wood, we craft your furniture and decorative pieces.


Laquers and varnishes

Our lacquers and varnishes are applied to your customized furniture in our new paint booths for a neat and durable finish.



Sanding of wood surfaces gives a structured and original effect to your customized furniture.



The possibility of discreetly incorporating lighting systems, such as LED strips, mini-spots, etc. adds to the high quality of the final results.


Fabrics, leather, caning

Fabrics, leathers, canings, etc. are naturally matched with your benches, doors, panels, headboards, etc.


Metal inlays

Choosing to use metal, – steel, brass, etc. – opens up a greater range of made-to-measure furniture.  



A special artistic touch for a traditional or a contemporary effect.



This challenging technique has been perfectly mastered to produce complex made-to-measure furniture.



Using all types of glass, either clear or tinted, aged, smooth, structured, or doubled, we give a new perspective to your woodwork.


Corian, granite, marble…

These materials, often associated with the production of customized furniture, can increase the possibilities of customization.


Various hardware

Small accessories, both refined and discreet, can make the entire difference.


Aged wood

Relive the charm of old wood with an aged effect, achieved by a hammering technique. 


After the completion of your custom woodworking project, Kermarec can also ensure the renovation of your property.