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specialist of residential interior renovation for residences

The entire Kermarec team sets itself in motion to carry out your project, most often in tandem with several architects, interior home designers, and decorators.

For its renovation projects, Kermarec relies on a team of salaried professionals, in addition to its network of partner craftsmen it has built up for nearly 20 years.

  • A site manager is assigned to your project. As your main contact, he supervises daily operations. 

  • A team of salaried tradesmen perfectly follows our work standards.

  • Independent technical design consultants take part in all projects that involve changes to weight-bearing structures.  

  • For all projects, the operational and administrative personnel provides back-up for the team and yourself in the management of orders, deliveries, and billings.


We plan and carry out all the specific jobs needed to complete your project, including:

  • Structural jobs: demolition, masonry, plastering, electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, etc

  • Decoration and finishing work: tiling, stonework, parquet flooring, decorative gypsum, carpentry, metalwork, mirroring, painting, wallpapering, etc.

orchestrated know-how

Protection & Demolition

Your project has taken off! From the start, we ensure, with the greatest care, that the site is protected during demolition.


Masonry & Structural work

We handle even the most difficult weight-bearing wall openings together with independent technical design offices. We are holders of a Decennial Guarantee that is essential for this type of work.


Plastering & Gypsum

Your project takes shape when spaces are restructured, and cornices and ornamentation remodeled with gypsum.  



This most sensitive technical aspect allows you to bring a very personal touch to your project by creating the right atmosphere with a wide range of lighting and accessories.


Plumbing & Washrooms

Once your plumbing has been renovated, we use the finest equipment for the comfort and beauty of your washroom areas.


Heating & Ventilation

Whether you have gas or electrical installation, either on the ground or exposed, or remotely controlled, we adapt this equipment to your needs to offer you well-adjusted and secure solutions. 


Parquet flooring

The art of woodworking is expressed at this stage when flooring is renovated in the English style, point de Hongrie, Versailles, herringbone, etc.



Terrazzo, porcelain stoneware, earthenware in all sizes, cement tiles, zellij, mosaics, etc. can all be put into place by our tile layers with the most meticulous patterning.


Natural stonework

Natural and authentic materials, granite, marble, travertine, etc. are used with the highest quality in multiple fashion to personalize your project.  



We reproduce the style of your existing windows, and respect your need for comfort by fulfilling heat and sound insulation requirements.



Through the craftmanship of metalwork with steel and brass, etc. we give shape to your ideas for skylights, partitions, and other decorative features.



Using all types of glass, either clear or tinted, aged, smooth, structured, or doubled, we give a new perspective to your interior.



The beauty and durability of paint is assured after thorough preparation of the undercoat. Reference marks are essential for a finished result. 


Wall papering

This is the final unique touch to a decor or a view that spectacularly personalizes a room.

Custom woodworking

Our workshop and the expertise of our wood craftsmen are at your service for your project.